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At the center will be a massive ancient olive tree bronze sculpture with glass leaves & olives. Surrounding this tree will be many sculptures representing a history of religious suffering throughout humanity. 


According to Wikipedia, over 6 billion people in the world identify with the 5 largest religious groups of Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Folk religion. The smaller-sized religions of Taoism, Shinto, Falun Gong, Sikhism, Judaism, Korean Shamanism, Caodaism, Bahia Faith, Tenriism, Jainism, Cheondoism, and Hoahaoism represent approximately 3-400 million people. 


And since so much religious persecution and suffering has occurred within these religious groups, the art representing these 6 billion plus religious people will be featured in the main memorial structure. 

The leaves and olives on the olive tree will be a glass installation similar to this image above, hanging from the ceiling. It will be thousands of pieces of glass fused to bronze wires and to the bronze branches. The light from the ceiling and windows will illuminate the leaves and olives creating a spectacular display of light.

The suffering of neglect

The basement below the ancient olive tree will be filled with art all influenced by the broad subject of neglect. From child abuse to hunger, from mental depression to  suicide and slavery, and so on.  Holes in the floor of the main area above will shoot down beams of light into this basement creating a connection to those above, and to those above who mourn for and comfort the suffered.

Each artist will be tasked with creating art that symbolizes the balance of suffering and dignity. Or put another way, the balance of showing 

the agony while also showing the courage. Only accomplished artists whose level and maturity of art will be considered. Nowhere on this 

earth will there be assembled such a high quality collection of powerful art, connecting all humanity to those who have suffered for friends, 

family, ideals, country or tribe, and even for all humanity.

The power of great art

Untold billions of dollars are spent by people around the world who travel to museums and galleries to view, witness and connect to the greatest art in the world. 


The Suffering Memorial will be the only place on earth that addresses humanities suffering created by the greatest artists who live today. Our select group of artists will be digging very deep into their souls to connect those who did suffer with those who will witness their art. This connecting will increase humanities compassion our fellow humans, and result in more peace, more love, more empathy, and more healing in the world.

- Nanjing Memorial in Nanjing China

- Yad Vashim Holocaust Memorial in Israel

- Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany

- Lynching Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama, USA