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• The Memorial idea was born. 



• Sketches, ideas and first scale model was built out of foam core. 



• Architect Jory Walker was hired to start working on the Memorial.

• A lot of discovery, opposition, and advise came into the picture.



• Worked through as I could afford them, many  ideas refining architectural elements of the Memorial. 

• We decided to involve artists from every country to be represented and started that research.

• We also decided to involve all the major religions of the world and started that research.

• The ancient olive tree sculpture with its glass leaves and olives for the main sculpture was created.

• A whole lot of time spent in researching, sketching, refining ideas.

• Basement area starting to take form.



• Suffering of neglect idea was born for the basement directly under the main structure.

• We were able to hire Jeff Walker as our attorney. 501c3 foundation organization properly set up.

• Started contacting the 250-300 artist representing all the countries of the world, and additional artists for the religious and neglect subjects. 

• Started creating a 3D animated model for our promotional video.

• More refining details on the brutalist architectural elements in the interior.

• I created an idea for a series of painted portraits of individuals who have endured suffering. These will be used on t-shirts and sold to raise funds. Finished the first one was Kind David, and I’ve started the next 4 portraits of Martin Luther King Jr., Jesus Christ, Sitting Bull, and Alice Paul.

• Designed additional merchandise products to raise funds.

• Started a marketing strategy to get the international exposure we need, and to build our tribe of artist, supporters, and followers.

• Started the website at

• Finished pitch deck for our fund raising efforts.

• Began researching Foundations, Corporate sponsors, and individuals in our fundraising efforts.

• Started contacting representatives for all the major religions in the world, looking for stories of courageous suffering, and for support.