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We will be reaching out to certain musicians who have a very high skill level of music composition, to create great music around the theme of human suffering, and reverence for those acts. These compositions will be played periodically in the Memorial at scheduled time slots. A great example of this would Chopin’s Nocturne No. 20 in C# Minor, a piece that was used in the opening scene of the movie The Pianist, and his Ballade in G Minor later in the movie. 

To be clear, these musicians have not been confirmed yet, but they do represent the level of musical talent we want to bring to this mission.

We are in the process of reaching out to each one of them and many others.

The musicians, composers, and vocalists involvement will be to compose music that honors those who have suffered. To use their skills, and their influence to increase compassion in the world and support our mission. Our goal is to create several compilation albums to sell and help promote our charity and our charitable partners. 

A tribute to the courageous

Our Suffering Memorial Theater will host musicians, and groups from all over the world, using the power of 

music to support our mission of increasing compassion and alleviating suffering in the world.