We are beginning our international search for the best artists from every country in the world. Here is a sample of our growing list.

SMF-artists-Javier Marin-1.png

Javier Marin

Sculptor, Mexico

SMF-artists-Tamman Azzam.png

Tammam Azzam

Painter, Syria

SMF-artists-Léa Bou Habib.png

Léa Bou Habib

Painter, Lebanon

SMF-web-artists-Jimmi Toro.png

Jimmi Toro

Painter, USA

SMF-artists-Max Leiva.png

Max Leiva

Sculptor, Guatamela

SMF-artists-Matteo Lucca.png

Matteo Luca

Sculptor, Italy

SMF-artists-Sara Ball-1.png

Sara Ball

Painter, England

SMF-artists-Eudald De Juana Gorriz.png

Eudald De Juana Gorriz

Sculptor, Spain

SMF-artists-Vahit Tuna.png

Vahit Tuna

Sculptor, Turkey

SMF-artists-Tim Okamura.png

Tim Okamura

Painter, Canada

SMF-artists-Yulia Bos.png

Yulia Bas

Painter, Russia

SMF-artists-Guillermo Lucca.png

Guillermo Lorca

Painter, Chile