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Over 250 of the world’s greatest artists coming together to use the power of their art to tell stories from their country, heritage, and traditions of overcoming born out of suffering, of strength grown out of trauma, and love that evolved out of pain.


A very select group of artists will be working on the challenging and delicate subjects of child abuse, suicide, rape, religious persecution, and other global abuses many have endured.

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Help us help humanity find 

meaning in their suffering.

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Artists can tell stories in powerful ways that only artists can. As artists, our challenge here is to not just tell stories of suffering, but to show the nobility and courage within and during the suffering.

Our connection to great art & music opens our eyes to the transcendent, and our connection to another’s suffering becomes a doorway through which we increase our compassion & empathy; becoming a powerful force we can take out into the world to help others find meaning, answers and hope in their suffering. 


Great art also invites beauty into our lives which we can then spread out into the world.  We can be more like Nelson Mandela whose 27 years of suffering in prison transformed him into an incredibly compassion human with a strong desire to love and alleviate human suffering.


We are gathering and creating the most meaningful collection of art & music the world has ever known, connecting us to people who bore their suffering with incredible courage.




When a young Sam Bracken escaped his life of torture, he ran out into the desert until he collapsed, spit out the blood of abuse and exclaimed, “Not like them”. He refused to live a life like his abusers and thus his new life of hope as an orphan began . . .


Sam went on to an amazing life of success, and he most importantly broke the chains of abuse.


Support our efforts to increase compassion in the work by purchasing a unique NFT from our Marketplace.

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Our magazine provides access to inspiring stories of suffering, healing, and overcoming by artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, writers, and other creative geniuses. Unlike insights into a broad variety of artistic thought, we are creating a movement of creative individuals whose art inspires courage, uplifts humanity, and increases love in the world.


We are making a  compilation album from the greatest composers across multiple genre, creating music that resonates deeply with our empathy. Songs, concertos, nocturns, symphonies, sonatas, ballads, and musical scores that power our emotions.

A tribute to

the courageous

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