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An international museum of art & music representing the suffering and overcoming of every country in the world. Connecting to another’s suffering becomes a doorway through which we increase our own compassion, which we then take out into the world to alleviate suffering, and help others find meaning, answers and hope in their suffering.

A memorial of hope and overcoming told through the minds of the world’s greatest artists & musicians.


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Next portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. coming soon, followed by Sitting Bull, Jesus Christ, and more on deck.

"We will create the most meaningful collection of art & music the world has ever known, from artists representing every country, and musicians from many genre connecting us to people who bore their suffering with incredible courage. Through this Memorial these souls will speak to humanity, and we will connect with them, and together become a greater power to alleviate suffering in the world.


We invite you to become a member of the Suffering Memorial, and use your influence, your story, and your power for good to increase compassion throughout the world. “  – Jimmi Toro, Founder & Director

What inspires millions of people to visit museums, memorials, monuments, 

temples, cathedrals, and chapels?

The architecture, the art, the space, the spiritual connection, the beauty, and the history, to name a few main reasons. The Suffering Memorial brings together the greatest art that can be created today, inspired by humanities greatest moments of courage, within an iconic structure of traditional, modern, and brutalistic architecture, in a place of reverence & reflection. 

What will people leave with after experiencing the Suffering Memorial?

Compassion & empathy. A strong desire to relieve suffering in the world. Increased love for humanity. A connection to the noble and great ones who have suffered, often at the hands of authoritarian cowards. Increased knowledge and awareness, and a motivation to live with more courage.

The Suffering Memorial

Artist Collective.

Learn more about this select group of artists who will create art that symbolizes the nobility of suffering; moving us towards compassion.


A tribute to the courageous.

A compilation album from the greatest composers across multiple genre, creating music that resonates deeply to our empathy. These songs, concertos, nocturnes, symphonies, sonatas, ballads, and musical scores that power our emotions.


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A timeless combination

of architectural styles,

symbolism, and aesthetics.

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Member benefits.

• Receive updates on our progress in our Suffering Memorial Foundation Magazine monthly report.


• News from all the artists & musicians as they progress into their work. 

• Progress updates on the architecture, and the construction of the Memorial.

• We will share stories of suffering & courage from our Suffering Memorial Stories Collection.

• Get access to new release, and limited edition items that will be signed by the artists.

Be part of a global movement for good.

“Our task must be to free ourselves... by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and it’s beauty.”    – Albert Einstein